Demystifying Telkom Kenya’s Mzito Bundle

My Telkom App

My Telkom AppTelkom Kenya’s data bundle plans have, for some time now, appealed to a lot of people, particularly the younger generation. While the telco targets customers from all walks of life, most of its data-centric products have been curated to attract young folks whose lifestyles and work revolve around the internet. One of the carrier’s popular plan is called Mzito Bundle, which was launched towards the end of 2018. It has been the go-to plan for a lot of people owing to its offerings that offer more than the competition has for KES 1000.

However, Telkom has been notorious with regard to the number of mobile data products it has created for customers. Some of the plans are confusing and pose a challenge for people who just want to buy online data nuggets without going through a series of options before making a decision. Nevertheless, I will try to examine the plans in the next couple of days, and make a comparison of who the bundles target, and what’s the best plan for different groups (those who make phone calls occasionally, those who want their bundles to include SMS, and so forth).

Back to Mzito Bundle. The product has evoked some confusion for some people, but I have finally looked into it to conclusively state what it has in store.

For housekeeping purposes, here are the basics of Mzito:

  • It costs KES 1000.
  • After Dec 12, 2018, new customers who opted into the plan could get access to free night-time data on a promotional basis. The offer is still active.
  • Existing customers (those who had purchased the bundle before Dec 12, 2018, could not access Free Nights).
  • Speaking of Free Nights, users can only access 10 GB of data – so it is not entirely ‘unlimited.’
  • Free Nights start at midnight to 6 AM for people who do not fancy sleeping.
  • The free bundles are reset every day at midnight so, yay! Say you use those 10 GB daily for 30 days, you would have used 307 GB of data – for KES 1000. Not bad.
  • Free Nights is available if a subscriber has a valid bundle (too obvious, but I have to say it).

Having said that, it should also be noted that Mzito Bundle includes 300 Minutes that you can use to reach your loved ones on any network. Capisce?


On your *544# menu, you will not see an access code named ‘Mzito Bundle.’ However, Option 1 titled ‘7GB + 300 Any Minute + Free Data @999’ is the one.

Alternatively, you can access the product on My Telkom app via Internet Bundles > Freedom & Data Bundles > Monthly Bundles.

Telkom MzitoYou can also purchase theMzito before expiry – assuming you have exhausted your units. If you have not, any data and Minutes remaining will be carried forward, but the daily allocation for Free Nights will still be 10 GB.

If you exhaust your allocation (7 GB), it means you will not access Free Nights. Data will be at pay as you go (PAYG) at KES 4 per megabyte.

In addition, if your subscription expires before you exhaust your units, then they will be forfeited, hence the need to renew the subscription.

Value proposition

At KES 1000, the competition offers an equally appealing deal that is flexible as well but limits other units as others grow. Specifically, rivals can give you more SMS and voice minutes at the expense of data bundles. Mzito’s offerings are fixed; 7 GB of data that goes untouched from midnight to 6 AM, and 300 Minutes that you can use to call people on Airtel, Equitel or Safaricom. You, however, will be forced to forgo SMS, which the competition offers in plenty. Either way, the Mzito package is more refined, offers more and generally is a better option for a lot of people.