Sendy Introduces ‘Standard’ Same-Day Delivery Option for KES 250


Logistics startups have, in recent months, taken advantage of technology and the boom of e-commerce services to make a name, and in the end, substantial profits for themselves. This, however, has not been the case as the market is currently facing stiff competition from established and traditional couriers as well as foreign logistics companies.

To this end, Kenya’s Sendy, which is quite popular among Nairobi’s dwellers has announced a new product that will see consumers pay much less for same-day deliveries. Dubbed Sendy Standard, users can now use the service to receive a package in the same day at KES 250.

In the past, Sendy had only a single plan called Express where customers paid KES 250 for same-day deliveries in the city. If the customer was outside Sendy’s delivery points, then he or she was to pay an extra KES 30 for every kilometre travelled.

According to the firm, same-day drops will be processed and delivered within two to four hours. Furthermore, the firm says that the logistics business has made it easier for other firms to join the race, hence the price cut in order to appeal to more customers. It should be noted that this is not the first time the organization has slashed delivery prices as it shaved up to 33% courier fees sometime last year.

Sendy, which has been operational for three years now, has clearly adjusted its strategy in order to competitively combat the likes of Kobo360 that made its way to Kenya a week or so ago. Kobo360 is Nigeria-owned and has been expanding its turf across the continent. Its Nigeria business commands up to 80% of the logistics market. Another logistic firm that has been making progress is Kenya’s Bwala Africa that has since received undisclosed funding, and has exported its operations to Uganda.