Why the Sports Industry is Going Mobile in the U.S.

sports industry

Whilst the sports industry in the U.S. is built upon the foundations of passion and emotion, we shouldn’t forget that it’s also a huge, billion- dollar marketplace.

According to conservative estimates, the sports market in North America was worth $60.5 billion back in 2014, with this number expected to peak at $73.5 billion by the end of this year. Apparently, the primary reason for this hike is projected increases in revenues derived from media rights deals, which is gaining quickly on gate revenues as the industry’s most lucrative segment.

However, if you follow technology news often you also know we’re also seeing the sports industry go mobile as sports fan, many of which now own smart devices, find it easier than ever before to wager bets on their favorite teams. In this post we’ll uncover the reasons why the trend in this sector looks set to grow further.

  1. Sports Teams are Underpinned by Tight Communities

At the heart of every sport, team and the industry as a whole, there sits a tight community of fans and dedicated professionals.

These communities often spread across a global network, and in recent times they’ve been connected through dedicated mobile apps.

These include universal and team-centric apps that allow users to connect in real-time and access the very latest information, creating a scenario where communities thrive and become increasingly integrated.

Not only have these apps helped to keep fans connected regardless of their geographic location, but they’ve also fostered a far greater sense of team spirit amongst spectators. This trend is likely to continue as well, with the range of sports apps available becoming larger and more sophisticated with every passing year.

  1. Sports Apps Send Real-time Notifications

Picture the scene; you’re an avid sports fans whose team is playing in a big championship game. However, you’re at a family wedding and unable attend, whilst there’s not a big screen in sight relaying the action as it happens.

So what should you do? In days gone by you’d have had to wait on tenterhooks until you get to a paper or computer screen, whilst even in the days before mobile apps you’d constantly be searching on your smartphone for the relevant information.

With the advent of sports apps, however, you can now have real-time notifications delivered to your phone throughout the big match.

Including score updates, goal notifications and in-game highlights, these snippets of data can be viewed discreetly whilst they provide you with crucial developments as they unfold.

  1. Betting Sports Apps and Mobile Content Enhance the Enjoyment of a Sporting Event

Another key trend with mobile apps is that they allow for tailored content to be delivered to your smartphone or tablet.

This is particularly relevant in the case of sports apps, as it means that you can personalise your real-time notifications according to your favorite team or individual players.

This is just one way in which sports apps and mobile content have enhanced the enjoyment of a typical sporting event, with the rise of virtual betting apps and platforms providing another case in point.

In fact, the best US sports betting apps listed on bettingapps.com enable fans to access a host of real-time markets, enabling them to experience a new dimension when sporting occasions take place and betters can even pocket some handy cash winnings in the best case scenarios!