4 Tips to transfer data from iPhone to new Huawei P30 Pro


Advanced mobiles are available with more memory and a strong processor to attract new customers. If you also need a new Huawei P30 Pro, start this work with proper planning. Your mobile phone accumulates several text messages, contacts, pictures, call records, documents, photos, music, videos, movies, etc. Switching to a new phone is not easy. You have to transfer data from your old iPhone. You can use different options, such as iCloud and iTunes to Huawei P30 Pro. Here is a tutorial to learn how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

1.  Directly Transfer Data

Dr.fone – Switch is leading software for data transfer. It can help you to transfer apps, call logs, videos, music, calendar, contacts, etc. You can use it to transfer your valuable data from iPhone to Android. To transfer data from iPhone to Android with dr.fone, you have to follow these steps.

  • Download dr.fone and install it to your PC. Launch this program and check the functional options from its main interface. You can click photo to photo transfer.
  • You can’t continue this procedure without USB lines. Make sure to arrange two USB lines to connect your iPhone and Huawei to a computer. The iPhone to Android transfer will start from source device (iPhone) to destination device (Huawei P30 Pro). A flip button is available to change the positions of mobiles.
  • Between two smartphones, you will see transferable data. Choose and check the essential data that you want to transfer. Now tap on “Start Transfer” to start the procedure. Before switching from iPhone to Android, ensure the sufficient storage in your new device. It is necessary for successful data transfer. Ensure secure connections between the computer and two mobiles for uninterrupted transfer of data.

If you have a data backup, it will be easy to transfer data from iOS to Android. With dr.fone, it will be easy for you to back up your iPhone data. You must have a backup file like OneDrive backup, iTunes backup, iCloud backup, etc. With a backup file, you can restore valuable data to Huawei P30 Pro.  Visit the official website of dr.fone for video tutorials for data backup and recovery.

2.  Tips to Backup Data on iPhone

Some software solutions allow you to backup folders and files on the iPhone. Others may help you to back up everything on a selected device like Mac and PC. If you want to upgrade your iPhone, you must have a backup of essential data. It can save you from potential troubles. Moreover, switching from iPhone to Android can’t be an easy decision. You should have sufficient time to back up your videos, pictures, files, folders, etc. Here are some easy ways to back up an iPhone.

3.  iCloud Backup

iCloud helps you to back up your valuable data on the cloud with a secure Wi-Fi connection. It allows you to backup app data, settings, SMS, MMS messages, ringtones, etc. Moreover, you can transfer the purchase history of eBooks, apps, TV shows, movies, and music. If you are worried about how to move contacts from iPhone to Android, you must try it with iCloud.

4.  iTunes Backup

Find the backup option of iCloud from settings of an iOS device. Ensure a secure connection with iTunes. Feel free to perform manual or automatic backups. It can’t backup purchased apps movies, books, movies, etc. You can get 5GB free storage for one Apple ID from Apple. To get extra iCloud storage, you have to pay a fee. iCloud syncs files to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. However, iCloud is not a real solution for backup. You can accidentally lose some files. For this reason, you will need a reliable solution like dr.fone.

Some consumers prefer the use of iTunes to back up data. Their purchased books, music and apps will be easy to back up with the latest version of iTunes. Plug your iOS device into Mac or PC, launch iTunes and sync files between Mac or PC and iPhone. With iTunes, you can backup settings, bookmarks, call logs, messages, calendar and application data.

iTunes and iCloud have their own benefits. You can use them to back up your data, but you should try dr.fone – Switch for peace of mind and satisfaction. With this software solution, you can easily recover and transfer your valuable data from iOS to Android without any loss.