The Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) Explained


The flyer arrived in your letterbox announcing that the National Broadband Network (NBN) will be available in your area soon. You get all excited – now you’ll be able to stream Netflix in high definition from your laptop, smartphone or tablet while uploading photos to Facebook. Right?

If you don’t know anything about NBN, don’t worry. We’ll explain some of the most important things below.

What Is NBN?

NBN is a broadband network that’s being built around Australia to give Aussies access to reliable and faster internet. It’s a multi-technology mix – meaning that different types of technologies are being used for connecting it, including copper wire, fibre optic cable, satellite, and fixed wireless.

How to Choose the Right NBN Plan?

When an NBN is being planned in your area, you might start getting letters from different service providers about getting a connection. On the NBN official website, you can find information about the connection type that is expected to come in your area. NBN plans are available with different connection speeds. You should determine your needs, budget and data requirements to choose an NBN plan that’s right for you.

Will the NBN Be Fast?

Most of us can’t live without the internet. It brings work, entertainment, shopping, and friends to our smartphones and computers. Yet, it is a pain point for people who deal with slow speeds, patchy connections and drop-outs.

The NBN is much faster than what you’re getting now. However, speed will vary depending on the technology used and your location. NBN will be able to deliver a speed of at least 50 Mbps to 90 percent of fixed line premises by 2020. NBN is offering the following four speed tiers in the majority of locations:

Tier 1: Download speed is 12 Mbps while upload speed is 1 Mbps

Tier 2: Download speed is 25 Mbps while upload speed is 5 Mbps

Tier 3: Download speed is 50 Mbps while upload speed is 20 Mbps

Tier 4: Download speed is 100 Mbps while upload speed is 40 Mbps

What Is the Cost of NBN Plans?

The cost of NBN plans will vary between service providers and depend on the speed and data allowance you want. It’s important to compare the cost from different service providers when looking at your options for an NBN Plan. You can compare different NBN plans on iSelect.

Are There Any Contracts?

You may have to sign a contract for an NBN plan. The length of the contract may vary depending on the provider. When signing a contract, check to see if there’re any penalties for breaking the contract and how much you’ll have to pay for the equipment and new connection.

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