Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Meme Compilation


Memes. Memes. Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, The Last of the Starks had fans recreate and caption their best and worst moments using memes. We decided to compile all of them.
The Last of the Starks was a whirlwind of an episode: From the burning the dead, seating together, also the invention of Never Have I ever that put Brienne in an awkward situation, Dany getting jealous of how people like Jon more, Brienne and Jaime finally happening, Gendrys appointment as a Lord and his flopped proposal to Arya, to the Stark sisters telling Jon they don’t like Dany and the death of Missandei and Rhaegal.

That awkward moment between Dany and Jon Snow was so relatable.

Dany appointing Gendry to be a Lord

This was awkward

Am I joke?

The moment between Dany and Jon after

Tormund’s flirty efforts on Brienne have left him broken as he opens up to the hound

The Hound

Gendry drunk proposal to Arya was…


We’ve all waited for this moment

Brienne getting emotional

I agree

In fairness

Game of thrones being game of thrones as usual

This was encouraging

Arya, Jon, Sansa and Bran

Arya and The Hound encounter

Wasn’t expecting this,

but this is Game of Thrones favourite thing to do is kill your favourite characters

And Rhaegal

Now we’re fearing for Drogon’s life

Same, same

Something to warm your hearts

Ghost deserved a better goodbye

Agreed, even the Night King wasn’t this cold


Disappointed but not surprised


This episode had me too

Missandei got captured

Tyrion negotiates


Too accurate

🎶Are you done talking🎶

Cersei strategy is kinda flawed, right, Arya, Arya!

Burn them all, Dany

This! Absolutely this!

The whole episode was a whirlwind, we can all agree


Can’t wait for episode 5

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