Game of Thrones Director Explains Why Jon Didn’t Pet Ghost. Fans Are Not Having It.


In Game of Thrones latest episode, The Last of the Starks, we witnessed one of the most saddest scenes where Jon leaves for the King’s Landing without petting goodbye Ghost, his Direwolf. Fans of the show were so distraught as this is unlike Jon’s character.

The scene left fans confused and outraged. In the scene, Jon Snow gave his Direwolf, Ghost to his friend, Tormund who was heading north. Jon tasks Tormund to go with Ghost to the north with him saying that Ghost doesn’t belong in the South. And to the shock of the shows fans, Jon simply walks way from his loyal companion without any goodbyes.

This was harsh and heartbreaking especially since Ghost has served Jon well in previous seasons and him leaving the Direwolf with no fitting farewell was honestly heartbreaking.

This left fans speculating that Game of Thrones showrunners might have tight on the CGI budget. Ghost is a mix of both CGI effects and footage of real wolves. This led to creation of memes.

This scene even had both fans and haters of the the new season agree

At least we can all agree on something from freefolk

The fans speculations was kinda right. David Nutter gave an interview to the Huffington Post explaining why there was no farewell between Jon and his Direwolf in an effort to settle what exactly happened during that scene.

“Since the direwolves are kind of CG creations, we felt it best to keep it as simple as possible and I think that it played out much more powerfully that way,” said David. “Keeping Ghost off to the side, I thought that played out better,” he concludes.

This revelation about CGI issues didn’t convince fans of the show and it actually made things worse.

In fairness, the Game of Thrones director’s creative choice makes sense as CGI fur is difficult to animate. Fans still didn’t want to hear this excuse.

Fans of the show feel betrayed by the Show.

The books depict a stronger bond between Jon Snow and his pet as revealed by this thread.

The showrunners failing to show this strong bond during that scene has left fans of Game of Thrones concerned.

This is not just from this scene but generally how the show is being rushed leaving lots of plot holes and gaffes(a coffee cup was spotted in episode 4) for the sake of convenience.

The coffe cup later got digitally erased.

Hardcore fans feel that in this final season, the shows’ creatives are focusing on the less important aspects of the show and instead of prioritizing thoughtful characterization, they’re fixed on high-end budget spectacles.

This leads to corners being cut and resulting to sloppiness.

With two episodes left, fans are starting to give the show a thumbs down and it will be hard to win them back.

We will all remember Ghost even if Jon won’t.

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