Ride Sharing Company Little Makes Basic Cab Option Even Cheaper

little slashes basic cab option

Kenyan ride sharing company, Little, will today make their ‘basic category’ option even cheaper with a price cut.

“Effective 11th June 2019, you will now enjoy your favourite hailing service at 20 Kenya Shillings per kilometer on the Basic Category and still enjoy all the benefits that come with it,” they said.

This is a 33% price cut compared to the previous prevailing rate of Kshs 30 per kilometer which they used to charge with the previous rate.

They have also revised the other rates which is the standard in the ride sharing economy. Minimum base fare is Kshs 200 up fro Kshs 190 and base fare is up to Kshs 120 from Kshs 100. The price per minute has not changed and it is still at Kshs 4.

Despite the drop in prices on the per kilometre metric, Little says they will still pay their drivers the full amount so that their earnings are not affected.

Little’s per kilometre charge is effectively one of the cheapest in the industry and it is only bested by UberCHAPCHAP where they charge Kshs 16 per kilometre. T̵a̵x̵i̵f̵y̵ Bolt Go is the other company offering a competitive price where their ‘Go’ option charges Kshs 22 per kilometre.

Little has been growing quite well in the country. They claim to have over 5,000 drivers and over 345,000 active users since they started operations in Kenya in 2016. They were also reported to have sold a 10% stake in their company for $3 million last year and they still needed an additional $100 million for their Pan Africa expansion which they hope to raise in Silicon Valley.