ERP Software Sage Releases Business Cloud Payroll Tool for Africa

Nikki Summers
Nikki Summers, Sage Regional Director, East Africa

Nikki SummersIn a market where companies have been known to make a series of payroll mistakes, including cases where organizations still rely on traditional methods when compensating their employees and filing taxes, Sage promises to alleviate such constraints with its newly announced tools.

The ERP software, which has been running its trade for near three decades, is availing its Business Cloud Payroll Professional in key African markets. The cloud-based solution will see medium-sized companies process payroll functions in a secure and seamless manner.

This is not the first time Sage is innovating around payroll services. The company has been rallying its products, which are primarily based on the need to automate payroll activities and the benefits associated with automation. In addition, it is worth noting that the latest announcement from the company supplements its product strategy in the African market, where it hopes to help companies scale up and hone their accounting, payments and HR needs.

Sage, which is currently hosting a one-on-one experience with businesses and media personalities in Nairobi says that the new solution is integrated with robust migration tools and dependable support team that should help companies transition their payroll services to the cloud.

“Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional helps medium-sized businesses to thrive in the face of growing complexity by simplifying and transforming the way they run their payroll operations,” says Pieter Bensch, Executive Vice-President for Sage Africa & Middle East.

“They can pay their employees quicker and easier, with the full assurance that they are 100%-compliant with tax legislation. With less administration and more visibility into their business, they can become more productive and make quicker decisions.”

“Your payroll is with you, wherever you go, while all your data is automatically backed up and secured in the cloud,” says Bensch. “Payroll is made easy as you grow your business, with intuitive real-time reporting and business intelligence tools, allowing you to make quick decisions, increase productivity, and save your organization time and money.”

Nikki Summers highlighted a few benefits that the cloud-based solutions excel over traditional systems such as effortless record keeping and real-time reporting. Specifically, Summers says managing a company’s payroll does not need to be an administrative nightmare because the product is now equipped with tools that outweigh any traditional systems. Some of the benefits include improved transparency where employees can access their payroll information, improved integration with other system and more natural generation of reports.