Huawei to Venture into Smart TVs Using HongMeng OS


Huawei is set to showcase its first Smart TV this August that will reportedly run on its in-house operating system, HongMengOS or Harmony OS depending on where it will be sold. The Smart TV will debut the new operating system which was not only slated for smartphones but also other broad applications courtesy of its relatively faster performance.

According to Yicai Global, the Smart TVs will be sold under the Honor brand with the Honor Smart Screen working both as an entertainment platform and a hub for internet-controlled home devices. This news was announced early this week by Zhao Ming, president of the Honor brand.

He added that they’ll use their experience making smartphones to make great TVs now that average daily use of the giant screens in China has been replaced by people spending most of their time on their phones. The drop is significant as the number went from 70% to 30% in three years with 47.7 million TV units sold last year in China.

TV has its irreplaceable advantages. TVs and smartphones will work as two centers in people’s daily lives Zhao Ming.

This is a huge move for the Chinese tech giant as tries to increase revenue generated from its consumer business and counter the dropping smartphone sales. Things are looking good for them, however, as the US may approve licences for companies to resume business with Huawei in as little as two weeks.

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