OPPO’s Twist to Curved Displays is Inspired by Waterfalls

oppo waterfall display

Smartphones have become increasingly similar. They have touchscreens, cameras at the front and back and generally the same ports. Manufacturers are forced to come up with ways to standout from the crowd and they do that in interesting ways.

An obvious place to stand out from the crowd is by coming up with an interesting design for your display. We saw Samsung debut theirs with the Note series, the Sharp Aquos with its bezel-less screen and many more.

OPPO has had pretty good screens on their phones and this latest one they teased is turning heads. From a tweet, the company decided to unveil their latest screen which they call the Waterfall screen.

As you know, waterfalls tend to have steep drops an this screen looks exactly like that. It has steep curves on both side and a straight profile at the top and bottom. The curve is way steeper than the one we saw on the OPPO Find X and it sure looks stunning.

OPPO is also hyping the screen-to-body ratio of this prototype. It looks taller than the Find X which has a display with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, which means this prototype is possibly greater than that. The current champ for long thin displays is the Sony Xperia 1 with its 21:9 aspect ratio screen so we will have to wait and see if this one by Oppo is similar.

Curved screens are cool and all but they usually have the inherent disadvantage of causing reflections while watching video or phantom touches when you hold the device. Let’s see what OPPO will do to counter that with their next smartphone that is based on this prototype.