This Influencer Staged a Motorcycle Accident for an Instagram Ad

Monetize every "mishap"


This is a new low for Instagram influencers. Tiffany Mitchell, a US lifestyle blogger posted a couple of photos on her Instagram page which has over 211,00 followers about a motorcycle accident she recently got involved in. People started questioning the circumstances and why she had turned her accident into an impromptu photo shoot.

She vehemently denied this saying she would never turn an important personal story into a brand campaign. Speaking to Buzzfeed, Mitchell adds that she is sad some people are taking it that way. She posted on her Stories confessing that sharing the photos were part of her vulnerability practice.

The influencer has since archived the post but the screenshots below speak for themselves.(Click to expand to read the captions)

In one of the carousel photos, there’s a bottle of Smartwater carefully placed next to her.

Her post elicited mixed reactions. A lot of people sent her well wishes on her comments after she posted the photos. Others questioned the optics of how the photos were taken in a professional manner for sharing.

Others questioned why she had a helmet removed