Sage Sessions and HR Forum Rally for the Cloud in Payroll Management

Sage EA MD Nikki Summers
Sage EA MD Nikki Summers

Sage EA MD Nikki Summers

Sage has been expanding its footprint in the Kenyan market. It continues to showcase its upper hand in the automation of accounting, payroll and payment systems for small businesses and corporations, and dutifully delved into the details these services offer in an HR and Sage Sessions gatherings that were held in Nairobi.

Sage Sessions

During the Sessions, it emerged that payroll is one of the most critical financial components of businesses owing to the number of questions that were raised by attendees. Why? Well, because payroll impacts an organization’s net income, and for legal and ethical reasons, it is prudent to run a business that keeps and maintains an accurate payroll record (all Sage solutions are KRA compliant and save users a lot of time).

Obviously, with all the various functions that businesses run, it not uncommon for some processes to fall under the radar in the priority list or be forgotten entirely. Also, when performed manually, payroll can be cumbersome and time-consuming, but that is a problem that can be overcome.

Institutions such as the MPESA Academy that was established by Safaricom’s MPESA Foundation in 2016 use Sage products, specifically Sage X3. The solution, which Sage refers to as ‘not your typical ERP’ has been instrumental in the school. The Academy, which hosts more than 600 students from different parts of the country has bestowed its bets on the power technology, and X3 has played a pivotal role in ensuring there is order (the school has many employees, a farm and imparts business skills to its students. These functions need an ERP solution to run seamlessly).

According to the Academy’s Head of Technology and Learning Paul Githuka, having an effective ERP system means no irregularities or human errors that could impact typical day to day functions of the school. X3 combines tasks such as payroll and recruiting. The tool is also run by Paul and another staff member and has since saved time and money. It, generally speaking, makes it easier to stay in control and have a complete overview of what has been done in the institution, and when.

Sage HR Forum

SageAt the HR Forums, the cloud was discussed widely by a panel that included Sage East Africa MD Nikki Summers and Swissport Kenya Head of HR Wycliffe Osoro. According to Mr. Osoro and Ms. Summers, the cloud has offered additional flexibility to companies because all systems are always up to date and do not need to dedicate time to update the system.

A demonstration run by one of Sage’s execs reiterated the need to move to mobile, as Sage products have smartphone replacements. Many organizations have realized the benefits of taking advantage of mobile technology to assist in HR tasks. Mobile is beneficial for a company and its employees and has since made it easier for workers to provide accurate information to their bosses.

With a high demand for HR automation, organizations can move away from cumbersome traditional payroll solutions. Thanks to technology, payroll is evolving in the same manner as other functions in a business and is something companies can bet on in the long run.