Samsung Names Galaxy Devices Eligible for Android 10 Update


[UPDATE] The list is not official from Samsung. We will update the story as soon as we know more. 

Android 10 has been around for some days now, but the big question is whether your current phone will get it; and there is a high chance it won’t owing to the fragmentation of the ecosystem – or will, but not in a timely manner because your device is probably skinned, implying developers will take an extended period to optimize things before dispatching the new software to your handheld.

Nokia, which has since released the Nokia 7.2 and 6.2 (both of which will hit Kenyan store shelves in a couple of days) was among the first OEMs that listed the roadmap to Android 10 upgrades. Today, Samsung joins the party with an impressive list too, although it fails to indicate when the software will be sent to the named phones. The authenticity of the list has not been established, but it is still quite impressive.

The list is appealing to those who bought a Samsung phone released in 2019 because all those phones will probably receive Android 10. Here are the phones:

Note series

Note 9

Note 10/10+

S series




A series

A90 5G, A80, A70 A60, A50/50s, A40, A30/30s, A20//20e, A10/10s/10e, A9 Pro 2019, A9, A7, A6/6+, A8/A9 Star, A8/A9 Star Lite

J series

J8, J6/J6+, J4/J4+, J7 Duo, J7’J5/J3 2018

M series

M40, M30/ M30s, M20, M10

Galaxy Tab series

Tan S5e

Tab S4

Tab A 2019

Tab A 2018

It is worth noting the Galaxy S8/S8+ and the Note8 from 2017 have not made the cut here because Samsung usually promises major updates up to two years, so we can let this slide. However, the phones are still very capable, considering we know people who bought the Note 4 back in 2014 and are still happy with their purchase to date. The sheer number of devices at Samsung’s disposal is however too large to update, which is why Apple usually is miles ahead in this regard owing to its small number of iDevices.