YouTube Revised Its Verification Process and Upset a Lot of Creators


On Thursday, YouTubers were waking up to emails from YouTube telling them that their channels no longer met the criteria for verification. The email went like: “YouTube will now proactively verify channels that represent a well-known or highly searched creator, artist or public figure.”

Most established creators were upset and got vocal.

Some still have the verified checkmark

Even controversial channels retained their checkmarks.

Weirdly, YouTube removed their checkmark

The giant video sharing platform announced that they were revising its verification process and informed established creators that they will soon lose their verification checkmarks.

What is happening

According to its current system, YouTube allowed creators with more than 100,000 subscribers to be verified. With its new and revised verification process, the platform is changing who it verifies and why meaning it will now focus its verification efforts on established channels who have a “clear need for proof of authenticity” according to the blog post.

This criterion targets artists, comedians, musicians, traditional YouTubers among others.

Importance of verification to YouTubers

Most YouTubers got vocal as them being unverified is offensive considering the number of years they’ve dedicated their lives to growing their channels.

Also, their comments(made by unverified YouTuber) would never prominently show up on other videos and will make it harder for YouTubers to network as that verified checkmark legitimizes their channel.

YouTube said the new process will make channel verification more consistent for users and creators across YouTube and come into effect in late October.

This means YouTube will be in charge of verification from their end and if you’re a channel that meets these strict requirements you get automatically verified hence no need to apply.

An artist’s icon will be replaced with the same grey background that other verified YouTube creators will have.


To calm the chaos it created, YouTube issued some clarifications. They say that no creator lost their verification and that the emails it was sending were to notify creators and inform them that they can appeal.

Some already did.

YouTube notes that it will soon be bringing the verified checkmark to YouTube mobile channel pages.

YouTube also adds that every creator on its platform is important to them whether they’re verified or not.

It wasn’t received so well.

Other creators aren’t concerned

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