Twitter Rolls out Lists as Multiple Swipeable Timelines for Android App



UPDATE: Twitter has finally rolled out support for multiple lists that become multiple swipeable timelines. Five lists are allowed in the main homescreen. This feature comes in handy if you want to quickly catch up on tweets posted by people in your favourite lists. The iOS app had this feature first six months ago and now it is available for Android users too. Go ahead and update your Twitter app to access this latest feature.

Your Twitter Lists are set to become more useful to you thanks to Twitter’s new approach. YOu’ll no wbe able to pin up to 5 lists on the main Twitter app as alternative timelines swipeable from Home. The Jack Dorsey-owned site had begun tests early this year and is now rolling this feature to iOS users. Android users will have to wait.

if you have multiple lists, you can now choose to see tweets from users in that list. This feature was available in Tweetdeck where lists would be shown in vertical feeds and it’s nice to know that the main Twitter app is getting this upgrade.

This new upgrade will now let Tweeps access other interest-based conversations on the platform.

To pin lists, just head to your profile, tap on the picture> Home Menu > Lists Tab and then select which lists to pin depending on your preferences.

Twitter also did a design revamp on lists pages to provide more information so that you now have header images. The list of subscribers and members is also more noticeable.

The company is also testing a way to bring three new tabs to its navigation menu for its apps. Besides the regular HOme, Explore, Notifications and Messages, you’ll now have Topics, Lists and Bookmarks and look something like this.

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