Twitter to Add Three New Tabs for Topics, Lists and Bookmarks to Its Navigation Menu


Twitter is onto something. The social media giant is working to keep its current users engaged on the app, attract new users and make it easier to use the app. The company has been testing a myriad of features and some of them have even gone live.

Early this year, Twitter began testing “Status Indicators“, “Morning Brief“, “Darker Night Mode” , twttr prototype app, revamping the camera interface, added the ability to quote tweets with media, testing a new desktop layout which eventually rolled out globally that included new theme colours( here’s how to go back to the old design and if you liked the new layout, here’s how to make it minimal) , the ability to follow replies to individual tweets in a conversation thread and now testing a way for users to start following topics.

The latest features the platform is testing is bringing three new tabs to its bottom navigation menu for its apps which include topics, lists and bookmarks. They would join the regular Home, Explore, Notifications and Messages tabs.

These revelations come courtesy of Matt Navarra and Martin Byrant in their new podcast session with Twitter’s Sara Haider.

The Bookmarks Tab will let you access your bookmarked tweets while the Lists Tab would allow to view your lists.

The Topics Tab would allow people to swipe across to view curated tweet timelines from topics could range from television shows, celebrities and sports teams. Twitter hopes that this will help users find more content specific tweets and increase engagement on the app through discovery.

The Topics tab is currently not available. 

It is however visible on the side menu.

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