Qualcomm Resumes Trading with Huawei


After Donald Trump put Huawei on an Entity list, its partner companies have found it hard to do business with the Chinese tech giant. These restrictions are so bad that Huawei launched their flagship phones, the Mate 30 series without Google apps. The company is hoping that continuing talks lead to positive outcomes and that they can go back using Google’s products.

Huawei recently got an extended temporary reprieve that would allow US companies to trade with Huawei through 19th November. However, US companies had to apply for a license for specific products to be exempted from the ban. These US companies are eager to resume business with Huawei and there have been over 130 applications received by the US Commerce Department.

Well, one of the companies ready to resume trading with Huawei is US semiconductor giant, Qualcomm. According to the company’s CEO Steve Mollenkopf, they have started selling products to Huawei. Speaking to Caixin at the company’s headquarters, he didn’t mention what kind of products his company is currently selling to Huawei.

Huawei makes its own processors, the Kirin chip to power its devices but still relies on Qualcomm for some of its other Huawei(Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 uses the Snapdragon 430) and Honor devices.

Last year, Huawei spent close to $11 billion on trade with US companies such as Intel, Micron and Qualcomm and it is no wonder that these companies want to resume business with them

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