Must-Have To-Do Apps for Android, iOS, Web, Desktop or Mac


If you want to be better at productivity and get things done, you need to have to-apps on your Android, iPhone, PC or Mac and they need to be cross-platform to help you be more efficient either for work or personal use. These apps will offer you flexibility and the right set of features to help you stay organized.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a simple notes app that has a lists feature you can add your to-do tasks or checklists. It is lightweight, has ease-of-use features with its shallow learning curve and colourful interface makes it easy to include it in your regular workflow.

The Google Keep widget is my favourite feature of the app and works well for to-do lists.

Get if for Android, iOS, Web and Chrome extension.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To-Do app is a perfect alternative to Wunderlist which the Redmond-based tech giant is shutting down soon. Microsoft redesigned the app to include more additional personalization options and even tighter integrations with Microsoft’s other services such as Outlook, Hotmail, Microsoft Planner, Cortana(Alexa too) and Microsoft Launcher for Android.

The feature you’ll love is My Day feature that refreshes daily with suggestions for what you need to get done that day.

You can switch between personal and work to-do lists. When you give the app access, flagged emails will be added to a separate list and at the same time, pending tasks will be put in a separate list to distinguish between work and personal agendas.

Get it here for web, iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.


Todoist is another popular and powerful, cross-platform productivity app. Todoist comes with recurring tasks, sub-tasks and dependencies, projects and sub-projects plus real-time syncing.

You can organize tasks in lists or by adding labels.

The app is available for iOS, Android, web, desktop and Mac, Firefox and Chrome extensions with plug-ins for email clients such as Gmail, Thunderbird, and Outlook.

Things 3

Things is another premium to-do app that you have to purchase separately for your Mac($49.99), iPad($19.99) or iPhone($9.99).

Things offers integration with other third parties such as Spark email and comes in handy as a powerful organizational tool.


Just like Google Keep, Evernote can also be used as a to-do app. You can create lists and tasks and assign due dates, separate projects, use shortcuts for easy access to your to-do lists, add in notes for meetings and things you need to remember.

Get it here for all your devices and on the web. comes packed with lots of features in an app with a simple interface organized based on when tasks are due. You can create to-dos via email, shake your phone to clear out finished to-dos, create recurring tasks, do a daily review at the end or the start of the day.

Google Tasks

For minimalists, Google Tasks(Android, iOS) is the best app for you for keeping track of basic lists. The app allows you to create lists, add tasks with descriptions, subtasks and due dates.

It doesn’t have tags so that will be a bummer for most of you. It integrates well with Gmail so you can view your tasks from your inbox.

Honourable Mentions

Other honourable mentions include Habitica that gamifies your to-do lists, TickTick(MKBHD uses it), Trello, OmniFocus, Remember The Milk, WeDo, Bear, I Done This, Eisenhower, Keep & Share, Notion, Swipes, 2Do, Nozbe and Quire.

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