Safaricom Gunning for Zuku’s Top Spot as it Gains 4 Times as Many Subscribers

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Safaricom House

Communications Authority of Kenya has released their latest Sector Statistics for the period between April and June and we get to see the changes in the sector. One key growth area has been the fixed data subscriptions market and Safaricom is coming for the top spot.

According to the report, Safaricom has 137,824 subscriptions as of June 2019, which is 11,032 more than what was reported last quarter. In Q3 2018-2019 , Safaricom added 5.74 times more subscribers as Wananchi Group and in Q4, this is way higher.

In comparison, Wananchi Group (that owns the Zuku brand) didn’t gain as many subscribers as Safaricom. In the same period, they gained only 2,392 subscribers, which means Safaricom added 4 times as much subscribers as them in the same period.

As per June 2019, Wananchi Group has a 34.8% market share while Safaricom is pretty close at 32.7% market share. Judging by their current adoption rate and Safaricom’s 50% discount on Home Fibre they issued in Q1 2019-2020, they could be number one the next coming quarter or latest by Q2 2019-2020.

Market share positions hasn’t changed much during this period. Jamii Telecom is still third with a market share of 14.6%. Poa Internet is 5th with a market share of 7.8% while Internet Solutions is 6th with a 3.7% market share as of June 2019.

Safaricom Home has grown exponentially in the past few years. Their strategy of serving populations that were not covered by the competitors has grown to become very rewarding in the long run. However, people have been complaining about their service outages on platforms like Twitter but this seems to have not affected greatly their new subscriber uptake.