Safaricom Fiber Added Over 5 Times More Subscribers than Zuku Last Quarter

safaricom fiber


Safaricom is closing down on Wananchi Group’s Zuku Fiber market share in the fixed data market as shown in the latest CA report.

According to the Communications Authority of Kenya Q3 2018-2019 report, Safaricom now has 31.5% of the market with 126,792 subscriptions. This is now pretty close to Wananchi Group’s tally where they have 143,957 subscriptions which is 35.8% of the market.

Back in Q2 2018-19, Safaricom had 109,925 subscriptions, which means they added 16,867 new subscribers in the last 3 months. In the same period, Wananchi Group added only 2,936 new subscriptions in the same period.

Safaricom Fiber’s growth during the last three months has been impressive compared to Wananchi Group. They added 5.74 times more subscribers as Wananchi Group in the last quarter and that should worry the current market leaders. This is no surprise as they have been aggressively rolling out their network everywhere around Nairobi the past couple of years and it is paying off well so far.

At this rate, Safaricom Fiber might become the number 1 fixed data subscription provider in the country by the end of the year.

Wananchi Group has probably been monitoring this trend and that’s why recently they announced a new emailing service for its customers. We will have to wait and see whether this will help lure new customers or help keep their existing customers.

Also form the report, there is hardly any changes to the rankings in the fixed data subscriptions providers. Jamii Telecoms is still third with a total of 56,396 subscriptions (up from 51,082) which translates to 14% of the market pie. Poa internet has 29,765 subscriptions (up from 27,939) and Internet Solutions rounds up the top 5 with 15,712 subscriptions which is up from 15,307 last quarter.


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