Discovered: New Websites, Apps and Extensions for This Week


DiscoveredThe internet can be a very interesting place if you know where to look at. Discovered will do the digging and bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites so you don’t have to. Some of this week’s finds will be productive tools and others genuinely interesting and will be fun to try out or waste your afternoon scrolling through what they offer.

Vampire Apocalypse Calculator

For those interested in all things Vampires, there’s now a handy site that lets you calculate chances of how we stand against vampires and if they could take over the entire human population.

The site, aptly named, Omni Calculator does the math for you and gives you six answers based on vampire mythologies such as True Blood, Twilight and Dracula. The model made by Dominik Czernia, a physics PhD student at the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN in Krakow predicts population levels of humans and vampires over time.

The game allows you to select which types of vampires you want to start out with, then change parameters such as human population size, the number of vampires, and whether there are any vampire slayers in the mix.

If you’re into free epidemiological simulations, then you’ll love Omni Calculator.

“It was quite a time-consuming project. I started by finding an interesting paper regarding vampires, where the authors subtly suggested the existence of vampires based on real-life data,” Czernia told ScienceAlert.


Creatures allows you to create your own monster avatars suing unique Sketch symbol/Figma component just for fun. They’re interchangeable and you can pick and choose any of the elements, change their shapes and colours.Creatures

You can also play around with Monsters for Sketch and Sago Min Monsters to build adorable monsters.

Like & Liker

Like & Liker is a simple privacy-first Instagram analytics solution that analyzes your likes, likers (which user likes you more than others)

Other features that it comes with include an unfollower finder, telling you the best time to post your photos, Instagram score in the league plus you get to know ghost followers. It is available for iOS and Android.

Shoulder Tap

Shoulder Tap is a tool that lets you manage those “shoulder taps” requests in Slack so that users avoid slack fatigue.

This tool turns those “shoulder taps” into a queue and gives slack team members visibility into how many people are looking for your help at any given moment and also what’s being asked of you.

If you can help out, you pull a request from the queue.

Other similar tools include Donut, Humble Dot, Halp, Abot and Gyroscope Team Dashboard.

YC Students

Are you looking to find a job or internship at Y Combinator-backed startups worldwide? YC Students has a site that lets you browse student jobs and internships.

Also check out Pathrise that lets you compare interview questions, hiring processes, revenues of hundreds of top tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft all in one place.


Slownews brings you all the news from your Twitter feed without the rush. The giant social media platform which recently banned political ads can be overwhelming and messy and Slownews wants to catch up with all important news by checking your Twitter home feed and gives you a summary a few times a day.

It also integrated with Telegram so you get notified when a new summary is ready.

1440 Minutes Left Today

if you get easily distracted then this app puts everything into perspective. It keeps a track of how many minutes you have until the day is over in the menubar helping you make every minute count.


Having trouble falling asleep. This app suggests to you the optimal time to go to bed based on the time the sun rises in your local area. The app calculates your local sunrise time and your sleep cycles and suggests the time you should go to sleep so that hopefully you wake refreshed and ready to take the world.

Other alternative apps include Nightly for iOS, Sleep Watch and Sleep.

Morning Ninja

Do your alarm clock tunes suck? Morning Ninja wants to change that y having your favourite Instagram influencers wake you up. You can select from Gary Vaynerchuk, Lilly Singh, Steven, Grant Cardone, Karl Nillo.

You can also ask Alexa.


Stoop is an inbox app that lest you subscribe to YouTube channels alongside your newsletter. The app aggregates your favourite newsletters and YouTube videos so your actual inbox doesn’t get clogged with new video notifications emails and other newsletters.Bookshelf

Also, you get to discover, subscribe and consume great content all in one place

The app is available for Android and iOS.

Othe interesting apps that do the same thing include Tonic that provides a selection of personalized reads every day, Listle that turns your daily news and top stories into podcasts, Itemsy, MyBlend, Not Depressing News and Draft.


Upbeat lets users rate songs and discover new music from fans like you. music is played through Spotify’s API. You can share songs directly with friends or followers and learn what they rate that song. Artists also get effective song promotion targeted to relevant fans.

Upbeat is available on all platforms.

Other alternative apps include Sounds, Soor(for Apple Music), MTME, The Artist Hunt, moooodify, Plotify, Tycho Forecast, Sweet Soundtrack and Kindrd.


GoogLight.One is the first weather app for outdoor photographers. It is based on quality meteorological and precise astronomical data, GoodLight.One uses AI to predict the conditions for the most popular photographic genres.


Offscreen provides more natural measurements of the screen time such as your first pickup, last pickup, real sleep time, walking life and stationary life to help you track your phone usage and keep you focussed on what matters by just placing your phone screen down.


Bookshelf lets you discover, collect and discuss your favourite books. You can follow friends, like-minded people, experts and authors. You can also share your thoughts by commenting or joining live chat channels to discuss with other readers.

Bookshelf is available on Android and iOS.

Byte Vitae

Byte Vitae helps users generate great-looking resumes for developers. This will help developers avoid the dreaded process of updating, re-designing and getting up to shape on their resumes.


Stack offers users unlimited split-screen view if you happen to be a huge app multitasker on your laptop.

You stack up your apps by categories or projects such as managing social media with multiple accounts.

Sadly it’sonly available for MacOs but the team is working on a Windows version.


Podsync allows you to convert YouTube/Vimeo channels and playlists to podcasts. It’s simple and free with paid additional fees and works with playlists too.

Be The Valley

HBO’s Silicon Valley has a really cool into and now you can make one of your own.

There’s now a fun little name generator that you can play around with. You can put two words into the intro and download the design as an image or video.

The name generator comes just in time after the show premiered its season 6 this Sunday.

Sadly the site is down at the moment.

Email reading time for Gmail

If you’ve been to Medium, you have probably come across the estimated time to read an article on the site and now this tool helps you estimate how long an email will take to read.

The calculation is based on the average adult reading speed that around 200 words per minute (wpm).  The time is added to the end of your email subject.Email reading time for Gmail


Mochi lets you take notes in markdown and review them with spaced repetition which is a powerful way to remember just about anything.

Mochi seamlessly turns your notes into flashcards and study them at optimal intervals with Mochi’s simple spaced repetition algorithm.

Mochi is available for all platforms.

Willed Calendar

Willed Calendar lets you use the system’s calendar and reminders in one app and can also work for project management ( you can view progress and add subtasks), event planning, chart summary and other useful features.

The app is available for iOS.

There’s no Android version but it’s in the works alongside a Mac version too.

An Android alternative is Sectograph.

Bull & Moon

Are you into astrology and the stock market? Then there’s an app that combines the two. Bull & Moon is the first app that uses your birthday and publicly traded companies’ birthdays to give stock recommendations based on your astrological compatibility.