Microsoft is Testing Google Services Integration in Outlook

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Outlook is one of Microsoft’s most recognizable service’s especially in the corporate world. Many professionals rely on Outlook to sort out their multitude of emails.

There has been a change at Microsoft where they have been integrating or venturing into platforms that we didn’t know they would before. This is one of them.

Microsoft has been found testing integration of these key Google services: Calendar, Gmail and Google Drive to

A quick setup will link your Google account and your account. When you set it up, your Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive are automatically displayed in Outlook.

It will have a similar appearance to how separate inboxes are displayed in iOS and Android Outlook apps.

Interesting enough, the Google Drive integration supports attaching of files from the service. This means you can attach files while composing emails on your Outlook or Gmail.

There are some caveats with the integration. When you switch between the inboxes (Gmail and Outlook), the webpage refreshes, which sounds like a pain. You also can not add more than one Gmail account, which is also unfortunate.

This feature could prove invaluable to a specific kind of user. This user is probably a person working for a company that uses Outlook as their default emailing platform. They can have their personal Gmail and corporate Outlook email in one platform in one easy place, which can be invaluable to them.

Since this is a test, we have no idea when it will be released worldwide.