Compilation of the Best Flight Attendant: Is There a Doctor Onboard? Memes

Flight Attendant Memes

Flight Attendant Memes

Move aside OK Boomer memes at least for now as the flight attendant meme takes over. In some rare instances, a passenger or more can sometimes get ill on a flight and cabin crew have to make an announcement requesting emergency medical assistance which is necessary to deal with minor incidents or major ones such as panic attacks, fainting or nausea to strokes or heart attacks respectively.

The flight attendant memes started when Laura Gao, a product manager at Twitter and also a comic imagined her father roasting her when a frazzled flight attendant asks if there is a doctor on board during an in-flight medical emergency.

This tweet format became a template for even more memes revolving around people’s non-mainstream jobs and pressure from your family to be in better careers like medicine.

The New York Times got in on it


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