This Generator Posts Tweets That Mock Venture Capitalists

VC Twitter

VC TwitterVenture capitalists are very typical. they dress a certain way and if you’ve been on Twitter, you may have come across VC Twitter. There has even been a VC starter kit. The VC starter kit includes a Patagonia fleece vest, Allbirds black sneakers, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and Zero to One by Peter Theil, subscription to VC newsletters like Term Sheet, StrictlyVC, Stratechery, and Wine Spectator.

Some of the tweets from VC Twitter can be so predictable and that’s why Parrot VC was created. Parrot VC is a new Twitter account and also a website with the aim of mocking VC Twitter.

The Tool has been made by siblings Samantha and Nick Loui. Parrot VC was fed 65,000 tweets written by some 50 venture capitalists to a machine learning bot.

Parrot VC automatically generates somewhat nonsensical or entirely nonsensical 280 character tweets.Parrot VC

In Hacker News, the two creators say that the bot uses predictive text to generate “amazing, new startup advice,” They even tried reaching out to Gavin Belson from the HBO satirical show Silicon Valley saying it would be a perfect acquisition for Hooli.

Here are some sample tweets

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