This Microwave That You Can Watch Netflix on Is the Only Tech Product From CES 2020 I Want

GE Kitchen Hub

GE Kitchen Hub

CES 2020 is the platform where weird and new tech products and innovations get announced. The event is wrapping up today and interesting gadgets got showcased such as the OnePlus Concept One smartphone with disappearing cameras, SONY dazzled us with an unexpected concept car, voice-activated taps, Bellabot – a food delivery robot cat, smart litter trays, headless kitten, Samsung’s rotating TV and a lipstick mixer from L’Oreal. However, this appliance for the kitchen has me excited because of one feature – Netflix.

At CES 2020, GE Appliances announced the Kitchen Hub which is is a 27″ smart touch screen, 1.9 cubic foot microwave and ventilation combo. It’s an interactive kitchen hub that features a built-in microwave with computer-aided vision technology. It is AI-powered and comes in handy with meal planning and preparation.

The whole hub fits easily above your range at the centre of your home. There are cameras that let users interact with friends and family, snap and share their culinary masterpieces which for me will showcase my adulting skills. You can even determine when the meals are done when you’re far from the kitchen using the GE app as the microwave has cameras inside.

Another exciting feature is the access to popular streaming apps – Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

As it has access to the Google Play Store, you can download other apps just as you would on your Android phone or tablet.GE Appliances Kitchen Hub

Other features worth noting include built-in Google Assistant that lets you create grocery lists, meal planning, temperature control and internet searching, SideChef that lets you access thousands of recipes, live video chat functionality with multiple cameras angles.

For the people who love sharing food pics on Instagram, there is an overhead cooktop-facing camera for capturing pictures of your meals from the oven to Instagram in record time.

The GE Appliances Kitchen Hub makes for the perfect smart kitchen setup as  I can start cooking like a pro and still binge-watch TV shows and movies while not spilling sauces and crumbs on my smartphone screen.

Pricing and Availability

There have been no pricing details(at various price points) but GE says the Kitchen Hub will be available later in the year.

“Our goal was to integrate industry-leading technologies into the cooking space that take the consumer experience to the next level. The next-gen Kitchen Hub offers solutions to your meal planning dilemma, making life easier and better at home,” said Shawn Stover, executive director of SmartHome Solutions for GE Appliances.

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