YouTube Introduces Profile Cards That Show a Users Comment History

YouTube Profile Card

YouTube is really on a path to improve the overall experience of using the giant video sharing platform. They recently announced new features coming to its apps but this new one is their effort to fight off trolls in the comments section. Early this month, they started testing showing users a channel preview in an overlay on top of the comment section. The channel previews were to appear as a pop-up message when you open the comment.

With Profile cards, you’ll now be able to see a user’s public information and comment history on the current channel. This feature was only available for creators to identify their biggest fans by offering easy access to their past comments.

More Welcoming YouTube

YouTube now publicly rolling out this feature will help users explore comments, build connections with others and contribute to a more welcoming YouTube.

How to access Profile Cards

To access Profile cards, tap on the profile picture of any commenter to see their card and view information like their name, profile photo, subscriptions and subscriber counts. Also, recent comments will appear in the pop-up card. You can also subscribe to the commenter if you haven’t already plus there’s a link to their channel towards the bottom.

Fight Trolls

Profile cards will also be helpful in identifying trolls and help creators and moderators make more informed decisions when considering hiding users comments or giving trustworthy commenters a spot on the approved users’ list.


Profile cards are now available to YouTube’s Android app and will ship to other devices in the future.

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