Eazzy Banking App Finally Receives Support for Android 10

Eazzy App

Eazzy AppAndroid 10 has been around for a while, and this is the first time we have seen phone makers do a fine job in updating their devices. However, a software upgrade means that some of your apps are not going to work very well, including financial tools. This has been the case with Eazzy Banking app, which, obviously, is one of the most popular banking services in Kenya.

The financial institution did a rebrand a couple of months ago. The development was marked by a logo revision, which was then passed to their Eazzy app. At that time, support for Android 10 was still unavailable. However, the number of people who know the importance of the app have been mounting pressure on the bank to do the necessary.

The update, which was sent yesterday, now adds Android 10 support. This is very good news for a lot of people, but we are a little sad Equity bank took this long to do a job that competitors performed as soon as Android 10 started seeding. We hope things will be better next time with Android 11.

Now, we have a piece that is continuously updated about devices that have, or are about to be updated to the latest Android version. At the moment, folks from HMD Global have done a fine job because the majority of its smartphone portfolio has since been replenished with the newest software goodies. Samsung has also updated its high-end line, including the S9 from 2018.

If you want to know when your device will be updated, you can check this piece, but if we can refer to past trends, mid- to low-end devices tend to be left out, or take a really long time before manufacturers can update them.

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