This Telegram Third-Party App Brings Order to Chaos

Plus Messenger

Third-party app clients are always the best, they bring new and unique features that are lacking in the main app. We’ve had excellent third party apps for social apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The features of these third-party apps really come in handy for power users. Plus Messenger is one of the best third party Telegram and here’s why:


The customisation features on Plus Messenger are a ton from changing colours and sizes of objects like text, icons, headers and avatars. You can create custom themes which are shareable with friends and other users can apply them.

I’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves.Plus Messenger customisation

In short, you get the option to show phone emojis, save files using the original filename, set custom compression when sharing videos,  show own photo or user photo in chat bubbles, mute users or groups directly from the main screen and more.

Plus Messenger has downloadable Plus themes and Telegram themes.Plus Messenger Theming


This is my top reason of why I choose Plus Messenger over the regular Telegram app or Telegram X.

The pre-set categories are top-notch as the app sorts all your conversations in multiple tabs for easier navigation and give you a sense of order amid the chaos.

For a user like me who has joined a lot of groups and subscribed to a lot of news channels and texts from groups and other personal chats – I need order.

The regular Telegram app is chaotic with the ton of notifications I receive especially since I use Telegram more than WhatsApp.

Telegram vs Plus MessengerThe categories are arranged from general tab, individual chats, small group chats, big group chats, supergroup chats, bots, and favourites.

Telegram offers pinned chats that are limited to five and in with favourites, you can add important chats there too.

Plus Messenger is available for free on the Google Play Store. So if you are looking for a Telegram client that brings order to the chaos, Plus Messenger is the app.

What other third-party Telegram apps are you using? Hit me up, I’m genuinely curious.