G Suite Cracks the Staggering 2 Billion Users Mark


G-Suite is Google’s productivity suite that includes apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and more and it has quietly passed a major milestone.

According to Axios, G suite boss, Javier Soltero said that the service now has more than 2 billion monthly active users, which is massive.

“That’s a staggering number. These products have an incredible reach. Changing the way people work is something we are uniquely positioned to do,'” Soltero was quoted as saying.

However, Soltero did not break down the active numbers between the various Google services in G Suite. He also didn’t clarify the percentage of those users pay for the services.

2 billion active users for G Suite is an incredible number in any measure. Granted, the biggest reasons for achieving such monumental numbers are the fact that most of these features are free, extremely wide adoption of Android phones that have these services pre-installed and the incredible scale that Google operates in.

The 2 billion number is also incredible when you compare with G Suite’s main competition, which is Microsoft Office. In 2016, Microsoft announced that it had 1.2 billion Office users and the number is definitely higher now. Microsoft Office has always been the best-known productivity suite and the rise of Gsuite with its Docs, Slides, and Sheets threatened Office’s revenues and dominance.

Soltero also added more information about features we should expect soon from Google. He said we should expect the smart compose feature that we use in Gmail, for example, to expand beyond Gmail and Docs. He also sees improvement in better integration of the separate apps.

I don’t see the continued use of G Suite dwindling any time soon and it won’t be a surprise if they add another billion users in the near future.