How has Live Casino advanced over the past 3 years?

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Back in 2016, we predicted that live casino gaming was set to become the next big thing in an area of online gaming that was experiencing exponential growth. Plenty has happened over the intervening years, in terms of gaming habits, technology and the regulatory landscape in the USA.

The upshot is that, especially under the current circumstances, the ability to enjoy a social leisure pursuit like casino gaming without having to leave your home is something that more and more people are pursuing. Here, we take a look at how live gaming has advanced and how it stacks up in 2020 compared with other ways of playing casino games, whether it is on your laptop, smartphone or even on The Strip in Las Vegas.

Live gaming on the go

Perhaps the biggest change since 2016 involves the use of mobile technology. Three years ago, the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S7 were at the cutting edge. Today, these phones are still usable, but you would think twice about their suitability for live streaming a blackjack or poker game.

When you compare them with the latest iPhone 11 or Samsung S10, you see just how rapidly technology continues to evolve. The net result is that live gaming has entered the mobile age, and this is the platform that now dominates every sector of gaming, not just casinos. If you look at a comparison or review site like Casino Betting King, you will see that all the major operators they discuss are firmly onboard, offering live gaming through both desktop and mobile apps.

Getting social

In 2016, we talked about live gaming providing a more “real” casino experience. Today, things have got a whole lot “realer.” Let’s face it, most of us don’t go to a casino expecting to win big money. We go to enjoy ourselves, play some games, spend time with friends or if we go alone, exchange some chat with the dealer or croupier.

The latest live casino games have focused on these peripheral aspects of gameplay like never before. Under the current global circumstances, we can expect live casino gaming to hit new heights of popularity for exactly this reason as people stay at home and look for ways to pass the time and forget about the broader problems in the world.

Better financial sense

Live casino gaming doesn’t only capture the best of both the online and physical world from a gameplay perspective. A financial benefit of choosing an online platform over a real casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City is that the virtual platforms offer bonuses, incentives and free games that you just don’t find in a bricks and mortar casino.

These are just as prevalent for live games as they are with the conventional slots or table games that you find elsewhere on the platform. Ultimately, in the uncertain world of 2020, live gaming is more popular than ever. It will be intriguing to see where the technology takes it in another three years’ time.