This Website Will Remind You of the Habits You Promised to Change Once the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Over

Coronavirus disease COVID-19

Coronavirus disease COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on everyone. According to theย Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), there have been 718,685 confirmed cases with the US leading at 149,076; 33,881 total deaths and 149, 071 recovered cases worldwide. In Kenya alone, we’ve had 42 confirmed cases, 1 death and 1 recovered case. To contain the spread, people have adopted new habits to contain a viral outbreak.

People are now practising measures such as social distancing and taking personal space seriously, washing their hands often and properly(Lady Macbeth-like levels) and avoiding handshakes. Hand sanitizers are now more publicly available and dining out habits including getting takeout and delivery are changing. More people are now working from home.

As people stay quarantined, most of them have taken the time to think about their old habits and which ones they plan to change once the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

I for one will now have a new appreciation for the outdoors, cook more(or at least make a decent meal) and not take for granted the little social interactions I once had among other personal habits, behaviours and values.

This is going to be once the pandemic is over

There’s now a website that will remind you of these habits, behaviours and values you promise to change once the viral outbreak is over and everything returns to “normal.”

The website is aptly named and got inspiration thanks to this tweet.

The website asks for your first name, your email and you write down which habits, behaviours, values and anything else you want to change.

Bram Kanstein, the developer of the website took 2 hours to create the site with Carrd, a website builder for simple, free and fully responsive one-page sites and Airtable that integrates the features of a database and a user-friendly spreadsheet format.

Can’t wait to get notified what past me wanted future me to accomplish.

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