Huawei Will Launch The Flagship P40 Series in the Kenyan Market Soon


The Huawei P40 Series is the company’s current flagship line that is known for their camera prowess. The P40 series include the regular P40, the P40 Pro and the P40 Pro+. They were announced late last month and they are headed for the Kenyan market.

According to Huawei, we should expect to see the P40 series of smartphones quite soon in the market. We are not sure which among the three  P40 smartphones will be released in the Kenyan market or their respective prices, but we will have to wait and see for that.

This will follow the launch of the Huawei Y7p that was done last week. Just like the Huawei Y7p, the P40 series do not ship with Google Services and they use Huawei Mobile Services instead.

huawei p40

Starting off with their design, the Huawei went all out with a new approach to design of the P40 series. There is the new display that Huawei calls the “Quad-curve” display due to the fact that it curves on both ends, creating this surreal effect. The P40 and P40 Pro have matte glass finishes which look super cool while the P40 Pro + goes all out with the ceramic back panel.

However, the headlining features of the P40 series is their ridiculous cameras. They all share the same insane 50MP main camera with a bright f/1.9 aperture and a ridiculously large 1/1.28 inch sensor size. This is an industry-leading sensor size which is quite impressive in today’s world.

The regular P40 has a 16MP ultra wide-angle while the Pros each have a 40MP cine wide-angle camera with a f/1.8 aperture. The regular 40 also has an 8MP telephoto camera while the P40 Pro has a 12MP telephoto camera with OIS. The P40 Pro + has two telephoto cameras: an 8MP superzoom with 10x optical zoom and OIS and an 8MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom.

The P40 has an OLED 2340 x 1080 pixel display while the Pros have each a 90Hz  2640 x 1200 pixel display. The P40 has a 128GB internal storage while the Pro has 256GB and the Pro + has 512GB of storage. The P40 has a 3800mAh battery while the Pros have 42000mAh each. The P40 can only do up to 22.5W fast charging. The P40 Pro can do up to 40W supercharging wired and a maximum of 27W wirelessly. The P40 Pro+ can do both 40W wired and wireless charging, which is class-leading.

They share a number of things. They all have the same 8GB of RAM. They also have the same Kirin 990 5G chip that we saw first with the Mate 30. They all support their proprietary external memory card slot up to 256GB.

The Huawei P40 Series come in either Silver Frost, Ice White, Deep Stea Blue, Blush Gold or in Black.

It is great to see Huawei intending to launch these flagships to the Kenyan market. They did that with the P30 series last year, so it is great they intend to do it this year with the P40 series.