Telegram Messenger Hits 400 Million Users, Promises Group Video Calls in 2020


Telegram messenger

Today, Telegram has announced that they have hit the 400 million user mark, which is a huge milestone for the private company.

It has taken them roughly two years to double their daily users which is an impressive growth curve for the social network. Telegram says that everyday, 1.5 million users sign up for Telegram so expect them to hit 500 million users pretty soon.

In celebration of these milestone, Telegram decided to announce a few new features. First, Telegram says that they will focus on bringing secure group video calls in 2020. Video calls have long being a conspicuous omission from the network and this is great to hear. Its competitors (Messenger, Whatsapp and Snapchat) have video calls, so this is nice to hear.

Telegram is also offering money to creators. They are offering €400,000 to creators of educational test. To take part, creators need to use @Quizbot to create and publish original educational test on any subject at any difficulty level in any language. COVID-19 pandemic has rendered over 2 billion students globally to be away from school and this is Telegram’s way of making sure they login on Telegram to learn something from the educational tests.

Telegram also added a few new features. There is a new quiz mode on Telegram polls for you to create trivia questions. They also added a new sticker directory to browse and search the over 20,000 stickers on the app. There is also a new attachment menu on Android which makes it easier to use. They have also added some improvements for the macOS app where you can access shared media from the redesigned profile pages.