WhatsApp’s Native Picture-In-Picture Player Now Supports Netflix



If you like sharing what your friends, family members, acquaintances or even strangers should be watching on Netflix on WhatsApp – then this update will come in handy in sparking interest for your recipients.

WhatsApp has had support for various services through its native picture-in-picture player including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook videos.

Netflix is now the latest service to get supported.

Just head to the Netflix title and pick the share button and then select WhatsApp as the target. When you share the link both you and your recipient(s) will be able to view the trailer for shows or movies that have it.

Pasting the link will pull up the trailer

This feature now lets you continue watching it right in the messaging app and you can continue with your chats.WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture Player Netflix

It’s worth noting that just sharing a Netflix link not necessarily from the Netflix app will also be played within the app.

When you exit WhatsApp,  the video will stop playing.

Telegram has a better way with its inline approach.Telegram In-line player


WhatsApp for iOS has had this feature since November last year and is now rolling to the Android app as a server-side update.