Official Twitter Web Client Finally Adds Feature to Switch Multiple Accounts


We love Twitter because it is one of the best social media platforms out there. It also serves our short attention spans because some users are comfortable reading a short form of a story than lengthy ones as published in other platforms such as Facebook. There are other pluses about the app, and it keeps seeing replenishments in terms of updates for a better experience.

Now, groups that use Twitter Web client have noticed that they can add a second or third account – and easily switch between them without the need of another client such as TweetDeck.

The feature, which is a fortnight or so old, was only available on Twitter’s mobile apps.

This makes everything so easy: one, if you have work and personal Twitter accounts, you can run them at the same time without TweetDeck now; and two, you can say the same thing if you have a catfish account that you use to publish snarky comments without compromising your main account’s rapport – or go an extra mile by viewing content from people who have blocked you.

The button to switch accounts is on your bottom-left and is bold enough to be missed, so go ahead and try it out.

Twitter is always slow to rolling out useful features that are often introduced by third-party apps. That aside, it is still the best way to consume tweets because other clients, while useful in their right, have their fair share of limitations such as broken notifications or cluttered UIs.