Kenyans Allegedly Raise Kshs 1.4 Million For TikTok Star Alvan Gatitu

avlan gatitu

avlan gatitu


Yesterday,  a popular Kenyan TikTok star, Avlan Gatitu posted a sombre message on Facebook that resonated with a lot of Kenyans.

In the video titled this is life, he narrated his experience where he said he got locked out of his house, his friends could not take him in and was forced to sleep where watchmen kept their things. He also talked about how his church gave him Kshs 2000 of which he used Kshs 1000 for a motorcycle ride.

His story resonated well due to the COVID-19 epidemic. This epidemic has led to the loss of livelihoods for many Kenyans out there and there are many stories like Avlan out there. People have lost jobs and are sleeping out due to the pandemic.

This story resonated with Kenyans on social media. On Twitter, we saw many people sympathizing with his troubles.

People ended up finding out his phone number and sent him some money so that he can pay his bills.

The response was sho overwhelming to the pint where he got a Paybill number for the donations.

Today, it was allegedly revealed how much money Kenyans donated for Alvan’s cause. As of this post, it was revealed that a whopping 1.4 million shillings were raised by Kenyans for his cause. They also considered having Alvan has a brand ambassador, which was not explicitly mentioned.

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