Safaricom Adds a Subtle Yet Nifty Transaction Counter To MPESA Messages

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Safaricom has performed a number of updates for the past one month or so and yesterday’s MPESA interruption was the longest. Usually, the updates are done between midnight and 5am but yesterday’s update ran from 10pm on Saturday to 10am on Sunday which is today.

The company usually does not say exactly what they are patching or adding during this updates. However, I have noticed something interesting that they have added that was not there before.

Safaricom has added a counter of sorts that shows you the amount that you can transact during the day. This bit of information is added at the end of your MPESA message.

This update is subtle but it is quite important. Back in March, the Central Bank allowed telcos like Safaricom to up their mobile wallet limits due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This allowed Safaricom to up their daily transaction limit from the previous Kshs 140,000 to Kshs 300,000.

Well in this update, Safaricom will now show you how much money you are allowed to transact in a day where in this case, you’ll be limited to Kshs 300,000 as it has been since March of 2020.

This update will be very important for those people that transact a lot of money on MPESA. Individuals or businesses like these will be able to track their current transaction limits easily from the texts they receive on MPESA.

This update was not available yesterday and it appeared today right after the long MPESA upgrade which means that it must have been implemented during the 12 hour maintenance period.


  1. I wish they would give Senders the option to write a few words accompanying transactions. This may be used to explain what the funds are meant for; eg, school fees, wages, etc

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