TECNO Wins Event That Uses AI to Identify Dark Complexions in Photos



TECNO, the leading supplier of smartphone sin Africa announced that they won a championship in a computer vision challenge.

The company says they won its first match in Look in Person competition at Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2020. TECNO says this cements them as the leader in dark complexion imaging which is quite interesting. This is the 4th consecutive year that CVPR is running this event.

It focuses on detailed semantic understanding of the human body/ This is one of the key topics in the field of computer vision. Additionally, it attracted judges from top universities around the world like Berkley and Carnegie Mellon.

This competition attracted many top mobile phone manufacturers and participants from the world’s best universities. This includes the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Taiwan’s Jiaotong Univeristy and ETH Zurich.

The competition that TECNO won is quite interesting. Dark Complexion Portrait Segmentation has become the most competitive track among the five tracks of the competition.

It aims to promote and solve the problem of image segmentation of dark complexion portraits in various poses in complex lighting scenes. The challenge is that it is not easy to detect the facial features in minimal light. TECNO’s algorithms managed to get them the highest mean of 95.4%. To summarize, the company says this is thanks to their algorithms and applied technologies in the field of artificial intelligence.

AI use on smartphones is the new normal

Using AI to process photos has become the norm on smartphones in recent times. Thanks to the ever increasing processing power in phones, the use of artificial intelligence for scene detection is common now. It is not uncommon to see AI being used in flagship phones all the way midrange to budget phones and TECNO is known for the latter. Furthermore, Their AI CAM feature for example enables allows the phone to identify scenes. Above all, this means we should expect better AI in TECNO’s future phones. This is important especially in this cutthroat smartphone market they are in.