Konza Brings Up The Importance of Digital Technologies in Shaping The Future of Smart Cities


Konza City has been trying to make a name for itself, and for the most part,  it has been trying to push that agenda.

Over the last couple of days, the developing city has been developing an action plan to pursue the offerings of the city under a The Role of Emerging Digital Technologies in Shaping the Future of Smart and Sustainable Cities Post Covid-19 title.

According to an online summit held yesterday, technopolis aims to meet the following goals: the role of technology in successfully managing the pandemic; how AI is being utilized in cities; how 5G technology can be exploited in managing the pandemic; the place of Robotics in shaping the future of cities and in fighting pandemics and lastly, the place of IoT in smart cities.

The online summit was graced by the ICT Ministry PS Jerome Ochieng’, Prof. Bitange Ndemo and Telkom Kenya CEO Muho Kibati.

During the presentation, it was revealed that data centre, which had been completed months earlier, was ready to be used by the government for repository reasons, among others.

It was also revealed that the smart city is in the process of building an IoT lab.

The show made it clear that the pandemic is a lubricant for smart cities, for which Konza is built on.

“Various forms of Technologies have been adopted such as mobile and web-based services like Internet hospitals and Social media, big data mining for contact tracing & monitoring, cloud computing, Internet of things and deployment of Artificial Intelligence, all in an attempt to keep COVID-19 at bay,” reads a statement from the summit.

It also emerged that 5G would play an essential role in pursuing the goals of smart cites. Companies such as Huwaei have on the forefront to showcase the benefits of the technology.

“5G Technology is expected to facilitate cutting -edge technological innovations especially in 3D, smart cities growth, and Robotics surgeries. Hospitals in Thailand, for example, have joined hands with 5G technology to better health services,” said Huawei.

According to PS Jerome, ‘Kenyans will see a lot of movement at the technopolis very soon – Jerome Ochieng. ‘

Telkom Kenya CEO Mugo Kibati added that all of us have to be part of the journey to building smart cities.

Finally, the show revealed that Konza is in the process of developing an IoT lab in the upcoming smart city.

“Customers are now gaining control and monitoring markets more closely. Going forward It will be increasingly imperative to acquire new skills and comprehend data outcomes leading to new applications development,” concludes a statement from Konza.