Android 11 Day One Update Rolls out to Select OPPO, realme and Xiaomi Phones

android 11

Google has finally rolled out Android 11, the latest update of the popular mobile operating system. There is a twist this time, where today’s release will not be limited to Pixels only. Google says that this will also be rolled out to select OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and realme phones.

Android 11 brings a number of improvements to a mature oeprating system. There are the features that you should expect with the next release of Android.


Conversations across messaging apps will be moved to a dedicated space in the notifications section. This will make it easy to manage them from one spot. You can even prioritize them from key people in your life.

Bubbles is the other feature that will make multitasking better. You can now respond to important conversations without needing to switch back and forth between apps.

There is also a native screen recording feature on Android 11. This is a feature that has been there on Android skins but it has now been backed in on Android. This will be loved by those running vanilla Android like Pixel owners.


On Android 11, you can now access all your smart dvices in one place by long pressing the power button. Additionally, media controls have been redesigned to make them easier to use.

Android Auto has been updated to work wirelessly for all phones running Android 11. This will also depend if you have a compatible vehicle.

More control over privacy and data

Android 11 will extend the one time permissions feature we saw earlier. It will allow you to grant single use access to the mic, camera and location which are deemed most sensitive.

Android 11 will also autoreset permissions for your unused apps and notify you accordingly. Later on, you can re-grant permission to the said app.

Google has updated Google Play with additional system modules for even better security and privacy fixes. This means you won’t need to wait for a full OS update to get these fixes.

For enterprise users, Android 11 adds privacy protections you get on a personally owned device to your company owned phone.

Additional Pixel features

Pixel owners are getting additional features with Android 11.

  • You can now use Live View with Location Sharing in Google Maps to easily meet up.\
  • Smart Reply on the keyboard makes typing effortless
  • Pixels can make app suggestions based on your daily routine.
  • Pixels will give you more convenient ways to select text and images or take a screenshot.
  • The phone will also help you organize your phone with intelligent suggestions for folder names.