Communications Authority Publishes Draft Customer Care Guidelines, Asks for Public Participation

CA Kenya

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has published a draft for Customer Care Guidelines as part of Consumer Protection Guidelines.

The material has been developed in pursuance of the Kenya Information and Communications (Consumer Protection) Regulations, 2010 that ‘gives the Authority the mandate of putting in place guidelines for purposes of clarifying certain provisions in the Act and Regulations in regard to the treatment of issues pertaining to ICT consumers.’

The CA is asking the public to look into the document and submit their comments.

The public participation will go on till October 15.

Comments should be done on the draft, and emailed to the CA ([email protected]).

The guidelines are for all products and services that are subject to the Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998, and in relation to the protection of consumer rights.

According to the Authority, the guidelines have been drafted to meet the following goals:

  • clarify on how the Authority expects licensed service providers to respect and protect consumers’ rights
  • encourage best practice by licensed service providers and promote the provision of high-quality services to consumers
  • ensure that all licensed service providers are treated fairly and in a non-discriminatory manner
  • inform on consumers’ expectations regarding quality of service, fairness in tariffs, and transparency in billing
  • provide consumers with the opportunity to resolve disputes with their service providers in an effective and efficient manner
  • increase awareness of consumers’ rights and discourage licensed service providers from abusing these rights
  • clarify any ambiguity which may exist in the provisions in the Regulations for the time being in force
  • protect customers from abrupt changes to or termination of communication services without an opportunity to arrange for the provision of the same/similar services with another provider.

The guidelines can be read HERE.