Instagram Brings Back Classic Polaroid Icon For Its 10th Anniversary


Instagram is 10 years old today and it first hit Apple’s App Store on October 6th 2010. During that time, it was only available to iOS users and that exclusivity made it so cool. Facebook ended up buying up the service two years later and it has morphed into something else entirely.

It is their 10th anniversary today and this has made them bring back their classic Polaroid camera icon. They have added an easter egg that allows you to change its home screen icon.

To access the new icons, go settings, do a long swipe down the screen to reveal some emoji. Once you’ve swiped down far enough, the icons will be unlocked and you’ll see a message from Instagram.

The icon packs that you can access include the current Instagram one, the old polaroid camera style ones, the original Instagram icon and a bunc of other colourful icons.

This Easter egg is currently in the process of rolling out so you may or may not have it at the moment. In addition, Instagram hints from the notice when you activate the Easter Egg that this will only be available this month so it may not be a permanent thing as you might hope.

Instagram changed its iconic logo over 4 years ago and this was met with a lot of criticism. People loved the old polaroid camera icon and the change to a flatter colourful camera icon was met with criticism. People are already used to that now and it will be fun to go back to the old Instagram as we remember it.

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