Appy Pie Connect Offers Integrations for Asana’s Project Management Tool


Project management tools have been getting more popular with time. Every organization uses project management systems to keep a track of their employees and the work their employees do. Project management software make it easier for employees to work.

Project management tools help you organize and manage your team’s work from start to finish. A project management tool lets employees coordinate with each other on their work and collaborate to ensure better productivity and work quality.

Benefits of Project Management Tools

Project management tools provide key benefits for your organization. Here are some of them:

  • Track Progress: With a project management tool, you can divide a project into tasks and sub-tasks which can then be assigned to various team members. This  tracks the progress of various work processes accurately. A project management tool tells you the real-time progress of any project that you do.
  • Improve collaboration: Project management tools bring transparency between team members. With improved transparency, it becomes easier for team members to collaborate on various projects leading to better execution of the projects.
  • Maintain a schedule: Time is money. It is important for an organization to maintain a proper schedule. Each missed deadline can damage your organization’s reputation. A good project management tool can help companies manage their deadlines and prioritize projects accordingly.
  • Simplify Communication: Communication is the key to success for any project. With a good project management tool, communication can become easier across the organization leading to a more productive workplace.

Asana’s Project Management Tool

Out of the many project management tools that can be found online, Asana is a very popular choice for many major organizations. Asana provides many features such as task management, reporting, automated notifications, document management, etc. One of the greatest selling points of Asana is it’s simplified user interface that is easy to implement. 

Apart from that, Asana is a project management tool with a visual interface meaning that it presents projects and tasks in a graphical format making it fun-to-use. Asana is often considered among the simplest online project management tools. 

The only limitation with Asana’s project management tools is the fact that it lacks integrations. With the business world, slowly moving towards workflow automation, it is necessary for a tool to offer integrations for various software. To overcome this con with Asana, Appy Pie Connect offers Asana integrations that can help increase the utility of the Asana project management tool.

About Appy Pie Connect

Appy Pie Connect is a popular workflow automation tool that lets you automate and integrate various software and create automated workflows to streamline and speed up business processes.  To simplify, a workflow automation tool is a simple application that uses rule-based algorithms to automate simple, monotonous, and repetitive tasks like social media posting, data entry, etc.

Workflow automation software follow a concept known as IPaaS or Integration Platform as a Service. Essentially, workflow automation platforms allow various apps, and websites to communicate with each other. For example, you can add Facebook as an integration to your workflow platform and schedule multiple posts in a few minutes. Appy Pie Connect is one the leading workflow automation tools that can be found online. With it’s unique and simple visual workflow style, businesses can automate their tasks. 

Benefits of Workflow Automation

Workflow automation provides various benefits for businesses. Here are some of them:

  • Less Redundancy: A workflow automation tool helps decrease redundancy by automating the monotonous tasks within your business.
  • Better Transparency: With the right tools workflow automation can help increase transparency for various organizational processes.
  • Easier Collaboration: A workflow automation makes collaboration easier as data sharing can be automated with simple workflows.
  • More Time for Important Work: It is said that nearly 30% of time is spent on repetitive tasks. With workflow automation, you can automate repetitive tasks allowing your employees to focus on the more important tasks at hand.

Asana Integrations on Appy Pie Connect

Appy Pie Connect provides various Asana integrations to increase the project management software’s usability even more. Here are some of the most popular integrations with Asana:

  1. Trello Integration: Trello is a competitive project management tool. You must be wondering why one would integrate Trello with Asana. Integrating Trello and Asana can have its benefits. Sometimes projects might require businesses to communicate with each other. It is likely that different businesses end up having different project management tools. Trello integration with Asana can help make it easier to share data between the two tools and make collaboration even easier.

    Once integrated with Connect, Trello cards can be added as new tasks within Asana and vice versa. This happens automatically thanks to the simple workflow you have created. There are various other usable scenarios of this integration that you find out in Appy Pie Connect’s App Directory.
  2. Google Sheets Integration: Google Sheets can be integrated with Asana to automatically share relevant data between the two. Everything from updating google sheets to adding new entries can be automatically done through the Asana tool itself once you create an automated workflow for it.
  3. Freshdesk Integrations: Asana can be integrated with Freshdesk. New tickets can be automatically forwarded as new/updated tasks in Asana to make ticket management an integrated process within Asana. Once Asana deals with tasks they can be marked as completed tickets in Freshdesk.

There are other integrations that Connect offers for Asana. Check them out today!

Conclusion Project Management and Workflow Automation Tools are a big part of business today. Both software are crucial for a modern business. Improve your business process with these revolutionary software today! You can be ahead of the curve by joining it as soon as possible. You can start your workflow automation journey with Appy Pie Connect today!