You Can Score 25% Discount on Showmax Pro if You Pay Via Visa or Mastercard

Promo is up for only a month

Showmax Pro

Showmax Pro was launched in Kenya mid this year which added live sports streaming on top of the regular Showmax offering.

Multichoice is now offering a sweet deal to new or existing Showmax subscribers a 25% discount when they pay for their Showmax Pro subscription. This promotion will run from 10th December 2020 until 10th January 2021.

This offer means that you will pay KES 1,575 instead of KES 2,100 for a Showmax Pro subscription or KES 787 instead of KES 1,050 for the Showmax Pro Mobile option.

In order to get this promotion, you will need to visit Showmax and use either your Mastercard or Visa card as your payment method if you are a new customer. Existing subscribers need to login to their Showmax accounts, go to “manage subscription” and add either their Mastercard.

This discount makes Showmax Pro one of the cheapest options to enjoy legal sports streaming in the country. If you want to enjoy Premier League content for example, you will need DStv Compact for that and that is currently KES 2,600.

Showmax Pro gives you access to live sports streaming as well as live music channels and other extra content on top of the regular Showmax subscription. It is a great option for Multichoice to tap into a market where FTTH (fiber to the home) is a reality in urban areas as well as the ease of getting huge data plans on phones. This sounds like a sweet deal to take advantage to watch sports content as well as stream movies and TV show


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