Digital VS Physical Magazines: What’s Best for Advertising Your Business?


In this technologically advanced era, the digital magazine has become commonplace. The consumption of digital content is no longer confined to a stationary desktop computer. There are portable. Laptops and tablets, and smartphones that have become essential devices.

This, however, should not be interpreted as the death of print advertising. Print advertising is very much alive even though the entire world seems to have moved online. Most magazines have both digital and physical print magazines. Advertising on both platforms has its advantages.

Advertising through digital magazines

Advertising through digital magazines has been made easier with the easy accessibility to mobile devices and the internet. Here are some benefits of placing your ads in digital magazines.

1.   Instant distribution of advertisements

Digital magazines have eliminated the need to print and distribute publications manually. Advertising with a digital magazine guarantees you that the advertisement will be published instantly. Publishers can also switch out advertisements instantly if they want to replace them without reprinting the magazine and using a lot of extra money.

2.   Promotes engagement and interaction with readers

In any publication, some pages attract more readers than others. The same goes for digital magazines. Digital magazines allow the publishers to monitor and determine the pages that get more readership and place advertisements there.

When the content is created around the audience’s interests, they become engaged and are more likely to click on ads on the pages. Some ads in digital magazines are in the form of videos or animations, which is quite challenging to achieve using traditional magazine printing techniques. These types of ads are interactive and help improve advertising in a digital magazine.

3.   Digital magazines have a global reach

Digital magazines are not limited to certain countries or locales; they have a global reach. People can easily subscribe to get digital copies of their favorite magazines from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection and a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

When brands use digital magazines for advertising their products and services, they are assured that their ads reach millions of people worldwide. Brands that have digital products have a large market in the digital space as their products can be purchased from and delivered to anywhere in the world.

Aside from digital magazines, companies have taken the opportunity to sell their products and services through social media platforms as well. This is to take advantage of the fact that most people are constantly engaged online.

Advertising using physical magazines

Print media is still relevant in this era of tech obsession. Due to the potential for greater exposure that digital advertising provides, many businesses are moving their advertising requirements to digital platforms.

Print advertising, however, continues to be a valuable part of a well-developed marketing campaign. As an advertiser, you should consider using print media to advertise because:

1.   Print advertising instills a sense of trust

Most print publications have the reputation of consistently offering their readers high-quality and reliable content. This is commonly known as the ‘ halo effect .’ It ensures that brands receive the same positive response and feelings towards their products from the readers when they advertise their products in respected publications.

When readers see ads in a respectable publication, they automatically assume that the product is trustworthy and are more inclined to consider purchasing.

Many consumers are wary of the ubiquitous digitals ads due to the rise of web scams and spam, so they turn to print media that is familiar and has a sense of legitimacy and trustworthiness.

2.   Promotes engagement and draws a distinction

Most people are more engaged when reading print than internet-based material. While engaged in reading, consumers do not have the inclination to skim over text as they would web-based text.

They are highly focused and take their time reading the publication, front to back, as they are not multitasking. So when the ads fly at them while reading, they are likely to take notice and even consider making a purchase. Most likely, however, they are looking at the ad on purpose, which makes it easy to remember and recall them when the need for the product arises.

The shift to digital media has reduced the clutter in print publications. So ads and the brands that they promote stand out more now than before in the overcrowded periodicals.

3.   Print advertising is flexible and offers options for creativity

Print media has a unique advantage over digital media due to its tangible content. Print media has the ability to use perspective to create unique and creative ads that leave lasting impressions on people’s minds.

Using creative solutions such as 3-D printing and textures makes advertisements interactive, cool, and humorous.

4.   Print advertising exhibits endurance

Ads placed on a digital platform change constantly with the click of a button. They are quickly forgotten when people move on to the next exciting, new fad. Advertisements in a newspaper or magazine linger for long. These publications are usually stashed in the house or office and can be viewed and shared with others.

5.   Promotes brand recognition

Repeat exposure to ads in physical magazines promotes brand recognition and strengthens the identity of the brand. The physical handling of printed material may help promote a more profound emotional engagement with its message and, in the context of advertising and marketing, may help customers and prospects remember and bond with a brand. This is because physical magazines present a permanent visual display of a brand’s logo and its message, leaving a permanent mark on the consumers’ minds.

Brands and companies can use physically printed publications for advertising digital and physical products making it a versatile marketing tool.


The decision to use digital or physical magazines for advertising is highly subjective, and numerous variables go into the decision. The fact remains that you want your brand and products to reach your target consumers by any means necessary. You may decide to use publications that have both physical and digital magazines to increase your reach.