7 FPS Browser Games To Play in 2021


First Person Shooter games are gun-centered and other weapon-based combat where the player experiences the action through the eyes of a protagonist. FPS games are some of the most played games globally. Their titles are known to everyone.

Some of them are usually paid for and require money for micro-transactions. However, FPS browser-based games you can play without spending money though they might not have the same level of graphics quality and speed. All you need is a computer and internet connection to play the following games:

Rush Team

If you want a traditional shooter experience, Rush Team is perfect for you.  It does not have flashy effects, innovative gameplay, or anything industry-changing. Rush Team has melee weapons, pistols, rifles, grenades, and others.

It is played by Rush Team’s objective-focused modes though there is a Free For All one. Some gameplay and cosmetic features are only available on VIPs.


Krunker uses Minecraft –like graphics.  They allow it to run on any computer without giving your personal computer too much work to do. It is this feature that makes it a great browser shooter.

This game has a multiplayer allowing you and others that are online to explore multiple original maps. You can also choose from any different classes like a bullet- Crazed Triggerman, a marksman Hunter, and a revolver-wielding Detective, each with their respective weapons and playstyles.

Krunker has ten game modes that you can choose from and,  the most popular being the Free For All, where the game puts you against other players,  the one with the most kills wins. With time, you can level up your classes to gain access to better weapons to help you get invested in the game with all the fast-paced action the game already has. Krunker is available to play in Poki and Crazy Games.

Warmers: Red vs. Blue

Warmers are the best sci-fi FPS game you can find to play on the browser. There are some great weapons at your disposal to play with as you fight with other players from either the Red or Blue fraction.

To get higher in rank, you choose which fraction you want to join before you play and fight others. It has vehicular combat that makes it unique.  Although it only features elimination-based game modes.

Warmers are one of the healthiest games in terms of the player base.  Matches are easy to find even in off-peak hours.

Wolfenstein 3D

You play as an allied spy who fights his way through Castle Wolfenstein, slaughtering Nazis and tracking down the Fuhrer himself for a showdown. If you are looking for a more retro gameplay experience, Wolfenstein 3D is perfect for you.

The game was initially released for MS-DOS and is often called the grandfather of modern 3D shooters and is a monumental classic that all FPS fans need to play at some point. The game is now available online for free and is considered the best of browser shooter games.

Mini Royale 2

Mini Royale 2 is the best FPS browser game to try out if you want to experience all hype surrounding battle-royale style games. You play on a small scale, often others, to achieve your objective of being the last one standing. The graphics almost look-alike logos because they are distinct and colorful.

Global Strike

Global Strike allows you to play it in a browser though it is almost the same as the older version of Counter-Strike. There is a player base for the game though the graphics are pretty outdated.

You have multiple modes you can play in, like capture the flag, team Deathmatch, or zombie mode that keeps the game interesting with every new word.

 However, there are difficulties with lag in the game. If you want to play a game similar to Counter-Strike in your browsers, Global Strike is the closest you will find.

Open Arena

Open Arena is a clone game of the Quake III game that allows you to start a server and play with others. Quake III is a retro game that helped the FPS genre gain so much of its popularity and you can now play it in your browser.

The graphics are outdated and the controls might feel clunky but great to play if you are looking for some FPS nostalgia.