Infinix has had a good start this year with its new smartphones catered for different market segments.

They have since ventured into other consumer tech products including headphones, earphones, TV’s and laptops. Yes, you heard us right – if you’ve been living under a cave, then you should know that Infinix now has its own line of Intel-powered laptops.

For the first time, Infinix brought fast charging to its top of the line devices including the recently launched Infinix Note 10 Pro and last year’s Infinix Zero 8 which both feature 33W fast USB-C wired charging.

It’s about to get even better and faster than this.

The company is working on a 160W Ultra Flash Charger as seen by the photo of the power brick with the Infinix branding and the wattage across it.

Infinix has confirmed this- sharing a teaser animation on its official Kenyan Instagram page.

The 160W fast charger was rumored to be either for its laptop or smartphone but the video shared on Instagram looks like will be slated for a smartphone and probably the upcoming Zero X series.

Another video was shared early this evening indicating 50W wireless charging.

Looks like the upcoming Zero X will have wireless charging and probably have a glass back to support this feature.

We’ll share more details as this is a developing story. Please refresh for new updates.