Safaricom Should Rethink Data Manager and Its Annoying Notifications


Safaricom Data Manager is a powerful tool that has been in use for a long time now.

The feature allows customers to browse the web with peace of mind because it ensures that customers’ airtime is not touched in case they exhaust their data bundle.

If the bundle is exhausted, the carrier alerts you about the same so you can add more data to your subscription.

It should be noted that Data Manager has also been adopted by other carriers, including Airtel and Telkom Kenya.

However, lately, many customers have been facing issues with the feature. Specifically, Safaricom is prompting users with a ton of toast messages on their screens when their data has been depleted.

“Dear customer, you do not have an active data bundle. Please dial…”

The pop-up messages are so frequent that they have become a major concern for many of us.

Another issue is that the toast messages stay on the screen until they are swiped away. This can be a battery drain at night because some devices do not dim their screens when there is an unattended pop-up message.

We are not sure what led to this development.

Our hope is that Safaricom will rethink how it executes the data manager feature while keeping the messages as infrequent as possible because they are an annoyance.

Some customers have since opted out of Data Manager, which is a sure way of eliminating the issue.

However, that is a move many people are not ready to take because it would mean that their airtime will be used in case their data subscription is fully consumed.

And in case you cannot stand the messages anymore, here is how you can opt-out from Data Manager:

  1. Press *544#
  2. Choose Option Balance and Tips (option 9)
  3. Choose Data Manager (option 2)
  4. Deactivate by choosing option 2

You can also deactivate Data Manager using the mySafaricom app.

As said, the feature should be rethought so that customers don’t take drastic measures to activate it when the tool is actually very useful.


    • This issue has nothing to do with data manager. It’s your phone. You have apps that tries to use data but you have no data plan. Just disable mobile data. Ala

  1. Even if you’re using data from a 2nd line (for those with dual sim phones) or the data has been switched off, the alert still comes….😡😡

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