You’ll Soon Be Able to Move WhatsApp Chats From iOS to Android


WhatsApp has really stepped up in terms of the features they’re working on this year. The popular chat app is now fixing one of the app’s hugest problem that has plagued the platform for a while – migrating chats between the iOS and Android operating systems.

There has been no official way to transfer chats from iOS to Android devices.

This annoyance is now being fixed officially by WhatsApp.

WABETAInfo has shared screenshots on how this feature is going to work.

There’s a Transfer WhatsApp chats feature that will require you to scan a QR code provided to open WhatsApp and tap Start. When you do that you’ll get a prompt that says Getting chats ready that’ll need you to keep your iPhone unlocked and WhatsApp open.

It’s not the best as under these prompts is Reconnect the cable which probably means you’ll either need tools for desktop for this to work.

Google is already working on a Switch to Android iOS app to make moving from Apple’s devices easier and this new WhatsApp feature could be included with this new development.

As I’ve said above, WhatsApp is really quickly working on much-needed features to catch up with rival messaging apps like Telegram and Signal.

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They’re now working on letting the app work on multiple devices(up to 4 so far) without rerouting chats through a single phone.

Another feature recently they’re working on is independently encrypted cloud backups for chats.

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